Cinematic LUT Collection

Tom Noske
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Here's a before & after of all the LUTs.

Cinematic LUT Collection by Tom Noske

A collection of my best Cinematic LUTs for LOG & Rec709 footage that I use on a daily basis to give my footage a dramatic and timeless aesthetic.

Tested to work on Canon, Sony, Blackmagic, ARRI & RED cameras.

These LUTs are designed to give you a clean cinematic aesthetic for all kind of shooting scenarios including Indoor, Outdoor, Landscape and Documentary Filmmaking without having to spend hours grading your footage.

What's inside?

  • 8 stylized LUTs for Rec709 (.cube files)
  • 8 stylized LUTs for LOG (.cube files)
  • Compatible with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, and any other software that utilizes 3D LUTs.
  • A 45 minute mini course detailing:
    • My personal color grading workflow.
    • How to make any LUT work with any footage.
    • How to use Rec709 conversion LUTs to get the most out of your LOG footage
    • Extra tips and tricks I use to make my videos stand out!

If you want to create the best results:

Make sure to lower the opacity of the LUT and adjust the contrast, highlights and vibrance of your footage to fine tune the look to your style.

While these LUTs are designed to work with any footage, you will get the best results if your clips are shot in a flat picture profile for better dynamic range (eg. LOG C, SLOG or C-LOG).

For footage that has already been corrected, the Rec709 LUTs will work best, for LOG footage, the LOG LUTs will work best.

How to use them?
When applying a LUT, if you find the result too intense for your footage, start by decreasing the contrast, highlights and vibrance values of your footage to create the desired result before decreasing the opacity of the LUT. Decreasing the opacity, will result in loss of the colour values built into it. I personally find setting the opacity between 70-90% and adjusting the contrast and highlights works best for me.

The same concept applies to white balance. If your image is looking too warm or cool, a simple white balance correction will instantly fix this. To achieve the best results, make sure to correct the white balance of your footage before applying the LUT.

My personal recommendation would be to first apply your camera manufacturers Rec709 conversion LUT for your specific color profile (you can find these on the manufacturers website) and then apply one of the Rec709 LUTs from this collection. This will ensure the best color reproduction for your specific camera.

If you are unsure how to install LUTs into your video editing software, a simple YouTube search will solve all your problems. Simply type “how to install luts in ​your editing software​."

What my customers are saying 👇🏼

"After admiring Tom's color correcting and color grading for the last couple of yeas, I had to jump at the release of these. And I was not disappointed, punchy, rich, and color accurate results which I've incorporated into my workflow. These cover every look I need and more. If you want and need to up your color grading game... Jump on these, you wont be disappointed" - @daniel.james_


Will these LUTs work with my camera?

Yes, these LUTs, specifically the Rec709 versions have been tested on Canon, Sony, RED, Arri and Blackmagic cameras to ensure they work well across the board. To achieve the best results, pair these LUTs with your manufacturers Rec709 conversion LUT that you can find for free on their site.

Will I get access to any updates to this collection?

Yes! Any updates I make to this collection will be emailed to you for download.

  • 8 stylized LUTs for Rec709
    .cube files
  • 8 stylized LUTs for LOG
    .cube files
  • Compatible with
    Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve
  • 8 stylized LUTs for Rec709.cube files
  • 8 stylized LUTs for LOG.cube files
  • Compatible withPremier Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve


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Cinematic LUT Collection

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