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Creator Media Kit Template V1

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Creator Media Kit Template V1

Tom Noske
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Do you struggle to bring in consistent income for your creative business?

It's an art form, selling your services, just like the content you create.

Why would you spend hours and hours creating your clients video or producing your content to then package it quickly in the body of an email when reaching out to new brands and businesses?

It's a waste, you're not giving your work a chance to sell for itself.

Does this sound familiar?

👉🏼 You're a content creator, with a reasonable following and a devoted audience, but somehow can't seem to land a brand deal or sponsorship with the companies you want to work with?

👉🏼 Or maybe you're a freelance photographer, filmmaker, or designer, and some months you're making thousands of dollars and the very next month you're back to zero?

❌ The people you do work with love your content, but that praise never seems to turn into new clients.

It's the way you're packaging your content

Putting effort into your content, and none into how you present that content to new clients & sponsors is literally leaving thousands of dollars per month on the table.

I have had countless times where I have sent this proposal to a client and not only secured the deal, but been complimented on how well put together the pitch deck was, and how blown away they were by the professionalism.

The reason for this is this: Barely anyone puts effort into this area.

By taking this simple step, you are instantly putting yourself MILES ahead of your competition.

First impressions are everything, and this is an easy way to win every first impression your business has.

This template is includes 👇🏼

  • A fully customizable professional media kit for creative entrepreneurs.
  • Editable template made for Apple Keynote.
  • 23 Customizable slides to suit your style and vision.
  • Drag & Drop functionality on all text, images, logos and Icons.
  • Real copywriting examples to help you quickly and effectively draft your proposal.

Who is Tom Noske?

Tom Noske is a content creator and endurance athlete from Melbourne, Australia. His content focuses on the worlds of tech, personal development, and filmmaking. With half a decade of real-world commercial filmmaking experience, he is now bringing that knowledge full-time into his work as a creator. He has worked with clients like Hendricks Gin, Reebok Australia, Canon Australia, Adobe, ASUS ANZ, and Artlist. His work has also been recognized by industry-leading brands such as Google, Microsoft, and DJI.

Building a profitable creative business is all about providing great value to your clients, but before you can do that, you need to get their attention.

An unbelievably simple way to do that, is by packaging your offer, experience and content, into one professional document that you can send out to new clients.

If you want to start bringing in more customers for your creative business, click the "Buy this" button!

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